Heartland Heritage – July

In the month of July for the Heartland Heritage pattern we are making the Sewing Machine block! The Sewing Machine is a favorite, full of whimsy and lots of little pieces.

July Sewing Machine for Heartland Heritage by Inspiring Stitches!

Sewing Machine

I can hear you thinking — Wait…little pieces? Skip! Those are the worst, so fiddly and easily lost in my space. I have a couple of quick tips to help you put the block together with ease!

July Sewing Machine for Heartland Heritage by Inspiring Stitches!

First, lay out all your pieces for one block at a time. I love to chain piece any time I’m at the machine, but this is a block that needs to be sewn on it’s own. I’m missing a piece in the image above – can you find it?

Second, those little rulers come in handy with all that little cutting! While there is a lot of cutting I’m happy to say that it is all squares and rectangles, no triangles need to be cut.

 July Sewing Machine for Heartland Heritage by Inspiring Stitches!

Finally, when you make it to the machine, use a leader. A leader is a piece of scrap fabric in my studio, usually folded over to make it a double thickness. I put it under the needle and begin sewing on it, then add my tiny pieces right after.

July Sewing Machine for Heartland Heritage by Inspiring Stitches!

Using a leader keeps your seam allowances more consistent, and the edges of your unit nice and tidy. I’d love to know if you are already using a leader in your quilting, and any other tiny tips you can share!

We’d love to see your Sewing Machine blocks over on the Inspiring Stitches blog! Each month we have a link collector set up to showcase your blocks, it’s so fun to see everyone’s fabric choices!

Also visit Heather over at The Sewing Loft to learn more about her favorite starch for FLAT seams.

More information about Heartland Heritage can be found here.

Happy Quilting –


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  1. Tami Von Zalez July 11, 2018 at 9:42 am - Reply

    Oh, this is perfect! I am doing the #2018MonthlyColorChallenge and wanted to do a new block for the Green Yellow July prompt. Looks to be manageable too since I am not much of a piecer.

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