The start of any new hobby can be overwhelming, even selecting your first quilt pattern! I’ve made a quick list of what to look for in your first quilt pattern, and few things to avoid too.

Frolic by Amy Ellis - Easy Quilts Patterns

1 – Keep it Simple

Your first quilt pattern should include lots of squares and rectangles, no triangles or circles. There is plenty of time to add those to your skills, but I’d rather focus on a project that is manageable.

2 – Keep it Small

Manageable size is a very important element in your first quilt pattern too! Starting with a bed size quilt will quickly lead to overwhelm, there’s a lot more fabric to buy, and cut before you even get started.

Dart - Modern Quilt Pattern by Amy Ellis -

3 – No Borders or Sashing

Both borders and sashing can add a unique design element in your future quilts. I think they should be avoided in your first couple of quilts to eliminate frustration. I’m hoping that you will want to make many, many quilts!

4 – Straight Setting

Some patterns call for blocks that are tilted, 45-degrees. This can look incredible, but often requires half-blocks, or setting triangles to finish the quilt, and I don’t find either beginner-friendly. Look for a simple grid in the pattern you would like to attempt.

Dayhike by Amy Ellis - Easy Quilts Patterns

5 – Blocks with few matching intersections

Really simplicity is key here. Your first quilt pattern should have as few points to match up as possible if any.

6 – Fabric Requirements

The fabric requirements for your first quilt pattern should be simple. 3 – 4 different fabrics or precut fabrics to eliminate the need for a lot of decisions is helpful.

Tips for Selecting Your First Quilt Pattern with a seasoned quilter!

7 – Reviews when possible

Shopping online for your first quilt pattern can be handy! Look for a shop that has reviews, much like you would find on amazon. If more experienced quilters are showing signs of frustration that is most likely not the pattern for you.

My Beginner Quilt Patterns Bundle is a great place to start for any new quilter!

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