The Heartland Heritage block for May is the Puppy Love block! It’s such a fun block to sew up too!Puppy Love block in the Heartland Heritage project by Inspiring Stitches

Puppy Love

Once all the cutting is complete, I like to lay out all the pieces in the block formation. Being a visual person it helps to see how it will come together.


Bias Tips

Working with the cut triangles, it’s easy for the pieces to get a little wonky as you are sewing. These are my go-to tips when I’m sewing with bias.

  1. Use a couple pins in the bias edge to keep the fabric from pulling out of shape.
  2. Use a leader, or spare piece of fabric to start sewing on. This helps keep the triangle tips from being sucked under the needle plate.
  3. Set the seam with the iron, before pressing the seam allowance to one side. After sewing, press the seam as it was sewn. Setting the seam locks the fibers around the thread before it’s pressed.

Puppy Love bias tips


Visit Inspiring Stitches to see all the beautiful fabric choices being made this month – I love being inspired by all of you, and hope you will share your finished block too! Also visit Heather over at The Sewing Loft to learn more about adding orphan blocks to your backing.

More information about Heartland Heritage can be found here.

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