The Waterfall Quilt-Along is moving right along, and I’m loving my progress so far! It’s nice to have a simple project to relax with right now!

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Waterfall Quilt — Week 4

Cutting segments is sometimes tedious, I like to cut my segments one at a time to make sure that the seams stay straight as I work. This is especially true with this quilt, since there are so many seams! 

When cutting segments, I like use two rulers. This way I can square up my strip-pieced unit as needed, and quickly cut my segments without flipping my fabric around. 

Cutting Segments

First, make a cut to even up all the edges on one end of the strip-pieced unit. Look to have most of the seam lines parallel to the grid on the ruler. 

Then add a second ruler. You’ll notice my second ruler isn’t as big as the fabric I’m cutting. It’s being used solely for measuring in this case, then moved aside.

Keep moving to the left for each segment to be cut, carefully measuring each time. If at any time, your seams are no longer parallel to your ruler markings quickly re-square up and continue cutting segments.

Sewing Blocks

While making a few blocks at a time, I enjoy selecting each fabric and placing it on my design board. This board is an easy way to transport pieces to and from the sewing machine. 

I chain-piece when possible, and will do so within each block for the Waterfall quilt. It’s saves me time, and thread, and helps keep me organized. 

Waterfall Quilt — Week 5

In week 5 we are sewing more blocks! Consult your schedule to know how many blocks you need to make each week. I’m looking forward to more relaxed sewing and hope you are too! 

Again, don’t let this project stress you out – enjoy the process, and work at your own pace if you need to.

Happy piecing – Amy