I finished up my Think Big Quilt Along quilt last week, and had a hard time getting photos. It’s been all snow, all the time, here in the mountains, but I finally took the quilt out in the snow, and got some nice shots!

Think Big Quilt Along Quilt - AmysCreativeSide.com

Since all the blocks in the book are 18″ I mixed a few together to come up with this dynamic layout, and there are so many other options too! And we get a nice bed sized quilt with 25 blocks! There’s no requirement that you make all 25 thou – you can customize it to fit your space, budget, etc.

Think Big Quilt Along Quilt - AmysCreativeSide.com

A mostly flat shot, I wanted to make sure you could see the center area, where the design really pops.

Think Big Quilt Along Quilt - AmysCreativeSide.com

Draped over the snowman, (he’s over 6-weeks old and my kids have been using him as a jungle gym lately.)

Think Big Quilt Along Quilt - AmysCreativeSide.com

and flat in the snow.

Utah Inspiration - AmysCreativeSide.com

Here’s some icy inspiration for you from my walk last week. There’s a reservoir in the top left photo and the fog settles over the top, it’s kinda eerie, but also kinda cool looking, and of course the mountains are stunning. Top right, the frozen frost was falling off the tree, and the bottom is the roof of a shed. I love the icicles of varying lengths from the metal roof, and how well spaced they are.

If you would like to make this quilt, you need a copy of Think Big, and a few links to get started.

Book & fabric requirementsConnections blocks (cut & sew), Tilt-a-Whirl blocks (cut & sew),  Equalizer blocks (cut & sew), Layout and Sew the quilt top

I also have a Facebook group for this quilt along, and any others that I do in the future. I might have something in store for this summer with my new book! ;)

Happy Quilting –