Piles of them!  And I have no definite plans yet, just the simple love of hand sewing.

Originally I purchased 1 1/4″ templates, based on my quick twitter research, but as I started cutting scraps, I cut 2″ instead of 3″ squares…so!  I decided to buy the 3/4″ templates as well.  I had cut a ton of squares already!

Turns out – I like the 3/4″ better!  There’s less wiggle room, and they sew up fast!

An example of my basting stitches, just in case you are curious.

These little buggers are addicting!  I tend to sew them while waiting in the carpool line at school, or while relaxing in the evenings.  The key to being able to enjoy it, is having pieces prepped and ready.  After cutting all the squares, I pin them to a template so that they are ready to sew, and stash them in a zip pouch, with my thread, scissor, needle and pin box.

Do you have a favorite organizer for your hexies?

I might be looking for an upgrade soon.

Blessings ~ Amy