23 07, 2012

Busy Days (and nights!)

By |2012-07-23T10:56:37-06:00July 23rd, 2012|sewing|8 Comments

Hey there! I've been working hard to meet commitments, and find myself leaving notes for the morning. If I don't, I forget and keep on sewing with a super linty machine! Thank goodness my machine is easy to clean. I love it! I'll catch up with you soon -- Amy

18 07, 2012

Pressing Matters

By |2017-02-06T09:18:21-06:00July 18th, 2012|sewing|14 Comments

There are times when I skip the pressing, but usually I go through all the motions for the best possible outcome. Starch is still a favorite tool for crisp fabric, and great points! This is a pile of fabric waiting to be cut, after starching. I've streamlined my process when pressing to one side, so [...]

12 01, 2012

Starch Much?

By |2017-02-06T09:18:27-06:00January 12th, 2012|sewing|30 Comments

I've mentioned starch before, but never devoted a post to it.  Lately I've used lots of starch, and noticed different starches when picking up a can (or three!).  So I decided to collect, use, and share my opinions. Brands represented: Faultless, Niagara, and Best Press Why take the time to use starch? I love the [...]

15 12, 2011

Catching Up!

By |2018-02-04T16:00:55-06:00December 15th, 2011|Inspiration, sewing|23 Comments

Hi there!  I can hardly believe how much of the week has already gotten by me!  I hope you have enjoyed visiting the Giveaway Day posts - I found a few to enter myself too!  Good luck - I hope you win somewhere! I've been sewing up a storm, which I'll have to share with [...]