I have to say thanks to all of you that shared about your pins!  I’m always thankful to be a part of this community – and to call you all friends :)  I went through the comments and made tally marks for the different pins mentioned, Clover’s Flower Head Pins  were the most mentioned by far, as were all of Clover’s pins.

It’s clear that a fine, sharp, and long pin are what we, as quilters are drawn to.  And I’m with a few of you wanting to try the fork pins– I always pin on both sides of the seam intersection, and these make so much sense!

To be honest in the past I’ve been drawn to the 500 pack of pins because I’m such a stickler about pinning, and pinning everything all at once.  But I plan to start small, this time, and work on a large collection of really nice pins.

A few of you mentioned emory pin cushions, friends on twitter have also suggested crushed walnut shells.  Julie tells me you can find it easily at pet supply stores – it’s lizard litter!  LOL but it works!

One last question for all of you – How often do you replace your pins?  I’m sure it depends on use, but I wanted to throw it out there :)

Thanks again~

PS – I made a button, if you want to add it to your sidebar, just copy the code!
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