I know that irons can be a bit of a hot button topic among sewists.  Everyone seems to have their favorite –

I don’t.

When Joe and I were first married, I had a Rowenta iron, which clunked out early on due to a power malfunction.  Joe fixed it, then it started leaving rust marks on items when water was used in the tank.  Finally, we just had to toss it.


Pictured :  Oliso, Reliable, Rowenta, Panasonic

After that, we picked up a cheap Sunbeam model at Costco, and it works, even still.   I will say though, it’s not as hot as I would like it to be.   I just checked the wattage is 1200, and on the low side for irons.   And so, I am thinking it’s time to consider an upgrade!

What is your favorite iron?

Any best practice advice?

My best practice –

Never leave water in the tank, if any water is used.  After the Rowenta mess, I decided that was the best case scenario!  Maybe this is what has caused my love of starch?  That’s another post though!

I’d really love to chat with all of you about this, thanks for your insight, in advance!


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Blessings ~ Amy