Hi there!  Yesterday I made a big loop around the mountains, collecting boxes of goodies from supporters of the Sewing Summit, and depositing most of those boxes with Erin, since she has a bit more space (or used to!) to store a *few* boxes.  This is one of the boxes, that stayed with me:

From the very beginning Erin and I envisioned a classroom full of machines, so that friends could come by airplane, and still have hands on learning time at the Sewing Summit.  Thanks to our friends at Baby Lock, that vision will be realized in just a couple of weeks!

In the final weeks leading up to the Sewing Summit, there’s some last minute sewing to accomplish, and a new machine to familiarize myself with.  Just getting it out of the box, there’s some cool features I wasn’t expecting!  I’ll fill you in later this week, after I’ve spent a few hours sewing with her. (You can learn more about Grace, here)


Have I told you I’m excited to meet blog friends in real life?  I am!  I’m also a little nervous, and jittery about all the details!  I don’t bite my nails, but I do bite the side of my nail, and I’ve nearly drawn blood on my thumb.  Time to find another way to get that nervous energy out!  Everything is coming together, and I know it’s going to be a great weekend.