Improv quilting is a fun and often overwhelming method to piece a quilt. I spent 100 days exploring improv quilting and want to encourage you to explore too!

Getting Started in Improv Quilting by Amy Ellis

My History

Looking around at my quilts and projects I’ve designed and made, I tend to be a very orderly quilter. I love the sequence and symmetry found in quilt blocks and the making of them. I’m the “quilt nerd” that enjoys the math, and working out the best way to piece a tricky block. Putting down my measuring tools and cutting without a ruler did not come naturally. With practice and effort though, I’ve been able to really enjoy improv piecing!

#100DaysofQuiltImprov Day 77 by Amy Ellis -

Improv Quilting

I understand the need to match points and piece precise quilts. I also understand the desire to try something new. To push your creativity, and explore beyond your comfort zone. This is why I challenged myself to explore improv quilting for 100 days, and eventually wrote this e-book. Even when the prospect is overwhelming and intimidating, you can do it!

Throughout the e-book I’ve included exercises to challenge you to explore your creativity. Getting Started in Improv Quilting is your first step to learning to enjoy the improv process.  Get your toes wet and get ready to jump in!

#100daysofquiltimprov finished quilt by Amy Ellis - click over to check out more images!

I do still design and piece precise quilts, but I’ve also added a few improv techniques that I like a lot to some of the patterns that I’ve created in the last couple of years. By exploring all that improv quilting entails, I’m able to then incorporate some of those ideas into a structured pattern that anyone can follow.

For example:

Mellow Grids on the left, is made with improvised paper piecing, and large zones of negative space. While Rooftop Wonders has a precise block, but no intentional color placement, allowing the maker to explore various color combinations.

Challenging myself and growing as a quilter has added a lot of fun to my quilts too! I love the freedom to piece a quilt without a plan, and see what it becomes.  If your quilting journey has you feeling a little uninspired, it might be time to add a little improv to your skills!

Improv Challenge

Want to jump in to improv with me? I’m hosting a week long challenge to get your creative muscles working on improv! You can start anytime, and the challenge will include a daily email with prompts for what to sew, and share online. To join the challenge, rsvp here, and we will get started right away.

7 Day Improv Challenge with Amy Ellis

In the challenge my goal is to help you experiment and try things, to learn about the process and what you like to piece. Giving you a foundation to explore more in improv, as you continue to sew.

Let me know if you have questions in the comments – I’m excited to see you embrace improv!

xo – Amy