The Waterfall Quilt-Along is underway! I’m excited to sew along with you and bond over this project.

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Waterfall Quilt Along - Cut pieces

Waterfall Quilt – Week 3

In week 3 we are strip piecing all of the thin strips that make up the foundation for our blocks. Take your time sewing the strips together. I like to separate the layers of fabric with my right hand, closer to my body as I’m sewing, and use my left hand to adjust the edges. Little adjustments with my fingertips is all that is needed while I sew. Occasionally, I will stop sewing to verify that my layers are where they need to be.

If you haven’t changed your machine needle lately, now is a good time to do so. Most machines suggest a new needle for every 8 hours of sewing, and strip piecing, adds a solid hour or two!

Waterfall Quilt Along - Strip-Piecing Complete

Waterfall Quilt – Week 4

This week we need to cut the segments for all the blocks, then we can enjoy the piecing process!

To cut your segments, consider using a smaller ruler, that is easier to hold on to. Use the seam lines with the ruler markings to verify that you are cutting straight segments. If my seams are not quite straight, I will cut the segment slightly oversized, then turn the unit around and cut it square to size. Using two rulers can be helpful here too, it just depends on how you like to work.

I’m excited about the start of my quilt, and look forward to sewing up a couple of test blocks this week! AND I can’t wait to see yours – be sure to tag me or use #waterfallqal when you post photos.

Happy Quilting —


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