The Waterfall Quilt-Along is underway! I’m excited to sew along with you and bond over this project.

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Waterfall Quilt – Week 2

We need to cut our fabrics! No matter which size quilt you are making there is a fair amount of cutting to be done. I have suggested that you cut the width of the strips, then crosscut the short side. This makes it easier to include all the rectangles, in each of your fabrics.

Last week I mentioned the crispness of the solids in the pattern, but I couldn’t resist pulling a lot of prints for my quilt! I think that the prints will make it totally unique – fingers crossed, I’ll like it in the end!

Waterfall Quilt fabric pull -

Have you changed your rotary blade lately? If not, now before you start cutting your next quilt is the best time to do it! My favorite blade is the Endurance by OLFA – it lasts a long time, and cuts better than any blade I’ve used. If you are frustrated with the skipped threads as you cut, or the pressure is too much for your hands, it’s worth a try!

With a fresh blade on my rotary cutter, I often cut multiple layers of fabric at once. This saves me time, and I love all the stacked up layers! Consider adding a second or third fabric to your cutting mat as you work through the cutting instructions. Just not so much that you aren’t comfortable cutting!

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