Layer Cake Pop in Adventures

Do you collect Layer Cakes without a plan? Or need a cute and quick quilt for a gift? Layer Cake Pop by Fat Quarter Shop is really fun to make and not so big that you can’t finish at home! I was invited to make and show off this new FREE pattern, and was happy to jump right in! It feels great to have a quick finish that I can share here too.

We were given free reign to select the Layer Cake that we wanted to use, of course I pulled out one from my Adventures collection. I’m loving sewing with the saturated colors, and earthy prints.

I cut all the pieces in an hour, then chain-pieced it off and on for a couple days – I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly this one went together. Everything went together really smoothly!

To quilt it I went with some simple wavy lines, adding a nice layer of texture and keeping it super cozy for a nap on the couch. It would also be great for a lap quilt, or toddler quilt – if you have enough quilts on your couch. I personally like to switch out a few different quilts every so often, so that none of them get too much use. Currently the warmest quilts are in rotation, as we have had over a foot of snow in the last week – it just keeps coming! I have a quilt with primloft batting, and a couple with Moda Snuggles on the back – my kids tend to gravitate to the snuggles quilts.

Anyway, Layer Cake Pop is fun and easy to make! And it’s available right HERE.

Be sure to pop over and see what other fun combinations have been used in the pattern, there will be links in this post.

I have another quilt that I need to bind this week and hope to share next week – I hope you will stop back by!

Happy Quilting –


Layer Cake Pop!