I was looking through my blog over the weekend, and realized that I never shared my finished quilt top for the #apqquiltalong project! I had a few little deadlines pop up on me and I folded up the top before I got it posted here – sorry! My quilt measures 75″ x 93″ – which is a great size, and it would be simple to add or subtract blocks to make it the size you would like to snuggle with!

#apqquiltalong - AmysCreativeSide.com

Making this quilt has been a journey! I will mention that using an accurate 1/4″ seam allowance makes all the difference in these blocks, with so many seams, it would be easy to have problems.

#apqquiltalong - AmysCreativeSide.com

Thankfully, my quilt top lays flat! It’s not a difficult quilt to make, I suggest anyone that wants to make one to go for it! Break it up into little projects, and then work it into blocks and a quilt top. Some local friends made one over the course of a year, by making four-patches, and nine-patches as directed. It’s a fun project to incorporate lots of fabrics into too!

#apqquiltalong - AmysCreativeSide.com

It’s a great quilt to use fat quarters, fat eighths, and small left overs from other projects. I had participated in a gray swap a year and a half ago, where everyone cut 10″ squares and exchanged them, so we had a nice variety of gray fabrics. I used a bunch of those fabrics in this quilt top, which made for great variations in each block. I’ve talked myself out of organizing that sort of swap a few times lately, but could be talked into it, if there’s enough interest. Fill out this form if you would like updates on a gray swap!

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It would seem that spring is coming early in our valley, warmer temperatures, melting snow, and lots of sunshine have made for some beautiful days lately. I’m sure we will have more snow even still, but it feels good to take a deep breath of fresh air, and open the windows wide! I took this picture while out for a bike ride last week, behind our house there’s  lots of pasture land with a few intersecting dirt roads – I just loved the way the trees framed the mountains at that moment.

Any signs of spring where you are?

More soon –