Hi there! I’m excited to share a recent finish with you!  Maasai Diamonds is in response to the QuiltCon challenge issued by Dear Stella Fabrics.  I was inspired by shapes found in the fabric, and the desire to showcase the prints.

I wanted to also use a good amount of negative space, and so, I limited the number of pieced blocks.  This left lots of space to add interest with quilting, which you can see I densely quilted it with straight lines.

I backed it with a navy, and matched the thread to the back.  If you don’t match the top and bottom threads when quilting, be sure to adjust your tension to the point where both the top and bottom threads are happy, and only showing where they should be.  It’s all about experimentation, and finding what works for you and your machine!

I used multiple colors of thread in the quilting to add interest as well.

On the large sections of white, I used more white thread, but there are a number of strands of more intense color as well.  I love the effect, and was glad it worked out as I had imagined!  I had a lot of fun working on this simple quilt, and might eventually make it a pattern – it’s just a few fat quarters and the solid background!

I have my hexie quilt, pinned to the floor drying right now, “blocking” it to make sure it doesn’t shrink up funny.  I’ll be back with a post/pictures soon!