Hi friends :)  I hope you had a great weekend!  We spent ours in Dinosaur, camping with the kids.  I’ll have to tell you about it later this week.  Right now I want to show you the mini quilt I made for a design challenge with the local guild.

I was given this page from a seed catalog, and given instruction to take inspiration for a quilt from it.  I mentioned before that I really liked the picture on the left, with the shadows and variety of green…Here’s the finished product ::

 The most artsy quilt I’ve made to date!  I first put in the lines, thinking about the vines, while not straight vines do offer structure and support.  Then I added as much haphazard free motion quilting as I could in order to keep all my circles in place.

 Some of the edges are bent over onto itself and others flap a tiny bit.

I hope you can see the texture in this one.  I didn’t wash it, but I did throw in the dryer with a bunch of wet clothes!  I wanted it to fluff up without too much fraying :)  What do you think?  I had fun just being creative with it – I tend to over think stuff…

If you are planning to quilt-along with me this week, here’s a few posts that will help to prepare you ::

Basics:  Accurate 1/4″ Seams
Basics: Cleaning a Sewing Machine
Basics: Squaring Your Fabric
Basics: Unpicking Stitches
Pressing Seams Open

I’ll be back tomorrow with our first two blocks!
Next steps:
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