Well taking a picture outside, with only little helpers, wasn’t working today. It’s very windy – so I found the best indoor spot and snapped a quick pic of most of the quilt! Then moved to the kitchen where I have lots of good light for the rest.
Natalie's Quilt
To see all of it – check this post out.

I worked through a couple of options for quilting, but came back to a quick stipple. I managed to quilt it in just a few hours :)
Natalie's Quilt
We used a couple of coordinating Kona cottons to back it – do you see them peeking out?
Natalie's Quilt
I love dots for bindings!
Natalie's Quilt
I used the alphabet on my machine to make a label this morning too.
Natalie's Quilt
I love the color palette and the simplicity of the design – now I just have to send it off to my sister! I know it will be well loved!
Natalie's Quilt

Time for me to get the rest of the laundry done – hope you are having a good afternoon.


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