Usually I wait until I have bound and washed a quilt to post, but this quilting was so inspired and I love it! I had actually thought I would be selling this quilt, as my girls are no longer babies (and I’m not having more!). BUT, Sophia claimed it, we “tried it on” her, and after all the quilting I’ve grown pretty attached to it. It will be staying here! Even Joe mentioned it would be a little sad to sell it since I’ve put so much effort/time into it!

Here it is – do you see my addition?
whole quilt

There’s a heart, stippled right there –
my twist
There’s a bit of puckering on one side of the heart – if I do it again I would do the heart first. Live and learn :) I’m hoping it will be less noticeable once it’s washed.

What do you think? Are you inspired to try something new!? I hope so :)

I had originally planned on doing an exaggerated zig-zag to be more interesting. I found the heart when I was adding tape to the quilt top – and had to work out details around it.

Joe and I are having dinner out tonight to celebrate our anniversary. Thank you for all your congratulations and well wishes! I agree we need a current picture of us together – those are hard to come by. And so it will be a little project for me – thanks for the push :)

Have a great weekend, and many blessings ~


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