The Heartland Heritage block for February is called Barnyard. Barnyard is a simple and sweet little Log Cabin barn with a patch of grass to set the stage. Heartland Heritage - Barnyard Block

The Barnyard block is fun to sew together with just a few basic shapes. Let’s look at the one piece you may need to stop and think about.

Flying Geese Units

Often times when I’m making a flying goose unit, as in the roof section of the barn, I like to use the no-waste method. However, when I’m making one or two units, or want them to be scrappy, the stitch-and-flip method is best. I like to pull out my Add-a-Quarter ruler, and clear enough space on my cutting mat to trim away the excess.

Heartland Heritage - Barnyard Block

In the stitch-and-flip method, you draw a line to opposite diagonals and sew ON the line. (My units don’t actually have a line because my machine has a cool guide beam that eliminates that step.) After stitching then a quick trim is needed to eliminate excess.

Heartland Heritage - Barnyard Block

The Add-a-Quarter is a great paper-piecing tool that comes in handy here too! There’s a little lip on the underside of the ruler that catches on the seam line.

Heartland Heritage - Barnyard Block

Then you just run the rotary blade up the side, and have a perfect 1/4″ seam allowance!

Heartland Heritage - Barnyard Block

After a quick press, the other side of the roof goes on.

Heartland Heritage - Barnyard Block

And we repeat the trimming process. Of course you can use your regular rotary rulers for this trimming step – I’m not usually a big advocate for ALL the rulers that you find, but this one is useful in a variety of places. Making it a great multitasker! Also, if you are in the market for a new rotary handle or blade, the Splash with an Endurance Blade is my studio favorite.

Heartland Heritage – Barnyard Block

Heartland Heritage - Barnyard Block

Anytime I working on a pattern, even my own, I like to look for little ways to make it unique to me. Today, I’m sharing one of my secrets! The Barnyard block can be set to the left OR the right.

Heartland Heritage - Barnyard Block

It’s a fairly simple little change, but just enough to feel like a quilting rebel sometimes. Ha! Yes, sometimes it’s the little things. The other way I like to differentiate myself is with fabric choices. I played it pretty safe here, but using a sky blue background would be appropriate, and unique here too!

Heartland Heritage - Barnyard Block

Visit Inspiring Stitches to see all the beautiful fabric choices being made this month – I love being inspired by all of you, and hope you will share your finished block too! Also visit Heather over at The Sewing Loft to see her block and a video with tips for keeping track of all the little pieces of fabric as you work!

More information about Heartland Heritage can be found here.

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