As you know, I’ve been working with my friend Heather Valentine on a new business this year. We decided mid-year that we should take our Inspiring Stitches calendar to Quilt Market. Once decided, we worked really hard to make it happen!

In the past when I’ve gone to Market, I arrive and there’s a small space setup and ready for decorating. This time, not so much. This was the scene after our first couple of trips into the convention center:

Inspiring Stitches at Quilt Market -

We unrolled our rug, and put the boxes on the edges for over night, then came back in the morning to build our Ikea furniture and hang curtains.

After our Schoolhouse session, we added color in the form of quilts! Having the table upright was a big improvement in the space.

Inspiring Stitches at Quilt Market -

Of course being at Quilt Market, having beautiful samples is key. They serve as an example, but they also start conversations and add that great pop of color too!

Inspiring Stitches at Quilt Market -

To showcase the versatility of our Block of the Month pattern, we made up one block in 20 different fabric combinations. This was a great way to draw in different shop owners as they walked past our space, and let them stop to consider the possibilities within their shops.

Inspiring Stitches at Quilt Market -


With everything in place we were excited and ready for our first Market together. By Monday our smiles were a little droopy, but we loved every moment connecting with shop owners.

Inspiring Stitches at Quilt Market -

Our space wasn’t huge, but having the table to sit down and chat with shop owners was great, and worked really well for us!

Inspiring Stitches at Quilt Market -

Heartland Heritage Desk Calendar

Have I told you all about the Heartland Heritage Desk Calendar? It’s an upright desk calendar that includes a pattern for a block each month. Each month you turn the calendar around to make the block 3-5 times, and there’s an easy layout guide included too. It’s a complete pattern in one package!

Inspiring Stitches first BOM project Heartland Heritage!

The pattern itself is great for beginners to grow their skills, but can be really fun for the more experienced quilter too. I loved taking the time to select the fabrics in each block as I made my sample quilt. If you are interest, you can learn more here.

I wish I had more photos of other spaces to share with you, but we were just too busy to run out and take photos. It’s a good problem, for sure! My friend Amy has a ton of photos here, if you would like to see more of what’s coming soon.

Thanks for reading!