I think I may have been holding out on my regular readers! I’ve had this quilt tucked away in a closet for 3 years I think. It’s not something I want to use, it’s an antique, and it is mine.
Antique String Quilt
My Great-Grandmother made this quilt. I met her once or twice. I don’t have memories of her – but I have this quilt.
Antique String Quilt
Each set of blocks is made with the same tie as the center, some of them have been pieced a bit to make it large enough to go across the center.
Antique String Quilt
Where they meet in the center is a black velvet appliqued circle. There’s no batting, that I can tell of, it seems to just have the backing, which is a burgundy velvet. It is wrapped from the back to the front and expertly hand stitched in place. There’s more pictures in my flickr if you want to see more of the ties.

I’m quite certain there is more to this quilt’s story – like where did all those ties come from! Did they all belong to my great grandfather? But for right now that is all I have! I am very happy that it is mine and I’m going to dig a bit more and see what info I can find.

Enjoy the show!

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