Hi Friends ~
I just wanted to make sure that everyone remembers how to play nicely. I’ve been updating a few links to send them to your posts instead of just your front page. I know that’s where your post is today, but in a week it will be gone, and it is going to take a month (if not more) for me to get through all the links!

Also be sure to
– tell us about your quilt.
– link back to the festival in your post.
– actually post a quilt!
– when posting a link, use the link to your post, not your front page.
– if you link to a flickr pic, please pick one – not your photostream, and share about it in the description field.
– and no shops, if you are interested in being a sponsor next time, please email me.

Thanks everyone for sharing – I am amazed at your willingness to share from your heart!

Blessings ~

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