Quilt Inspiration — #IGQuiltFest

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Each day I share a prompt, or, an idea that you can interpret as you like then post a photo with. It’s always fun to see who gets the most creative with their interpretation.

Many quilters have enjoyed making connections with other quilters, there’s a broad range of quilters in style and accomplishment. I always encourage everyone to participate no matter how long they have been quilting – so if you haven’t joined yet, why not?

The photos to the right, are a few of the hundreds of photos posted on a daily basis. I wrap up my day on instagram by selecting nine images that represent the day, and inspire me, tagging each of the makers, and share my thoughts for the day.

You can follow along with the Festival even if you aren’t on instagram too! This post has a viewer that you can scroll through and click the photos that you want to learn more about.

Be Inspired –


The first week of #IGQuiltFest has been amazing and fun! While we are learning more about each other, and how we like to work, we are also getting a huge dose of inspiration.


Sewing Machines

I’m so glad to see so many of you jumping in - it’s never to late to play along! Love seeing all your machine photos today! Don’t forget to show your machine a little love and clean out the fuzz under your bobbin case and between the feed dogs soon! Featured above: @stitchok @thecursivequilter @sewmaggi @rachelceejay @urbanstylejantine @thequiltingcowgirl @mommyhead @rnquilter @thesmittenchicken .. Recurring questions - What do you mean by prompt? Each day I have a photo with words on it suggesting what you should post. Look for that post in my profile. .. Who can play? Any quilter on IG! It doesn’t matter if you are new to quilting or IG, join us! .. How do I sign up? No sign up needed! Post a photo with the #igquiltfest hashtag and @amyscreativeside so your followers can join in too! You’re in!

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Show us your Space

Fast Finish

Notion Love

Scrappy Quilt

I hope that you have enjoyed all the #IGQuiltFest photos today! You all inspired me to ditch my screens and spend some time with my machines - THANK YOU! I needed that ;) .. Seriously thou, I hope that you are inspired by what is being shared, and not feeling overwhelmed, or self-critical. That's not what the festival is about. However perfect the photo looks, know that there's a lot cropped out too! Keep sharing your creations, and making friends! .. Also, don't feel like you have to catch up - feel free to jump in at any time and keep moving forward with us. All quilters are welcome! .. Selecting the nine photos to share this evening was a challenge! There's so much amazing being shared - thank you! Highlights include: @jamiefingal @sustainabletextiledesignsmaday @evy.jean @valbetweenquilts @hand_stitched_owl @otlouise @katewilson9002 @vmannion @kimberlowe

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On the Cutting Mat

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  1. Tami Von Zalez March 9, 2018 at 2:48 pm - Reply

    It has been so much fun! This Quilt Fest is the bomb. Thank you for hosting. I am posting as “tamaschen.”

  2. Manuela March 12, 2018 at 2:07 pm - Reply

    I had been an enthusiastic yo-yo sewer: A small yo-yo quilt I made for my youngest son on the occasion of his birthbut knowing that I would soon have an infant in the house, I feared that my preferred craft with sharp fabric scissors and small quilting needles would prove dangerous to a curious child, so I was on the hunt for a new (and to my mind safer) crafting experience.custom writing

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