Last month when I posted my iPad case, I offered and you requested a tutorial, and I’m so happy to make good on that promise today!  I have instruction to make this pouch in iPad size and laptop size, along with a little math to help make a perfectly sized pouch for your favorite electronics!
Variety of fabrics, scraps, fat quarters, or yardage.
1 yd of interfacing, (I used pellon, DecorBond) if using a different sort, take note of the width, and make sure you have enough length. 
2 layers of batting
4-6″ of sew in velcro
Before we start with the instruction, what size is your device?
My iPad2 measures 9.5″ x 7.25″
I cut my fabrics at 11″ x 19″
to use strips for the exterior, I cut 8, 3″ x 11″ strips then trimmed to size.
My laptop measures 15.5″ x 10.5″
I cut my fabrics at 18″ x 27″
to use strips for the exterior, I cut 9, 3.5″x18″ strips, pieced then trimmed to size.
Measuring my laptop, I went half way down to figure in the depth.  
Before you begin, measure your device.
If it’s not the same as mine (quite likely!) pull out the calculator.
L x 1.15=
W x 2.6=
Write down your numbers then round up or down a little to make it simple.  I usually round to the nearest 1/4″.
Ready to get to the fun stuff?  No matter the size, the directions are the same!
Cut your fabrics, then piece the exterior, and lining if necessary.  My solid pieces are used in the lining.  
Usually I love starch, BUT with this cover, I was mindful not to use any starch. In fact you may consider washing your fabrics prior to using if you are lint conscience.
Piece and press your seams open.
Then add interfacing, to both the exterior and lining.  Take your time to make sure the interfacing is properly affixed.
Next, add two layers of batting to the exterior piece.  Baste, and quilt!  I used simple straight lines since the fabrics are plenty busy.
After quilting, trim away the excess batting.
Then add a curve to one end of both the exterior and lining, by using a dish or cup from the cupboard.
Like so – 
Next, we need to add the velcro.  Placement of the velcro depends on the size, so get your gadget, and fold the layers around, to decide where to put it.  Also if you want to add embellishment like my hexagons, now is the time to do so!
The exterior velcro goes on the straight edge,  a few inches down, depending on your gadget.  And the lining piece is positioned about an inch away from the edge of the curved end.
Slowly sew the velcro in place, making sure to secure it with extra stitches.
Finally it’s time to sew up the sides!  For the laptop case my pocket is 8.5″, the iPad pocket is 6.5″.  Again trying it on your gadget is a great way to find the right pocket size.  When sewing the lining, leave an opening in one side so you can turn it right side out.  I used 3/8″ seam allowance when sewing up my covers.
Sew about an inch at the top and bottom, and reverse to lock the stitches.  It will be a tight squeeze turning it right side out!
Also, leave  3/8″ unsewn at the top of your pocket, this will help later, but if you forget (like I did) the seam ripper will help!
Turn the lining right side out, then tuck inside the exterior.  Pin around the top of the pocket, and the flap.
Move to the sewing machine, and sew around the entire length.
Turning those corners will be tight, just take your time, stop to adjust as necessary.  
Now, clip the excess away from the bottom corners, and turn right side out!
It is a little awkward at first, but keep going!  Next, close the opening in the lining.
Tuck, pin and sew.  Then tuck the lining inside, and press.  
I like to pin before I topstitch, so I can ensure that the lining stays where I want it.
Topstitch and you are done!
Any questions?  I’ll answer those in the comments!  I hope you have some fabrics in mind for your favorite device!  
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