Yesterday was a great mail day!  After shipping off my swap items, I was prepared to sit back and wait a  week or more to have anything show up at my door.  Thankfully I didn’t have to wait long for this one!

The goal for this swap is to make something for your “sewing room”, and swap a bundle of  1 1/2 yards of  fabric.  I say “sewing room” because you all have seen where I sew!   As I filled out the questionerre to participate in the swap, I of course mentioned that I sew at the kitchen table, and that most of my sewing space is very portable, and quickly dis-assembled.

 Kiza made me a portable ironing surface – so perfect!  I’ve used a towel on different surfaces in the past, just to avoid dragging the ironing board out (again) and this will see lots of use!  There’s also a cute snap pouch, stitchery, chocolate and a stack of Monica’s Happy Mochi Yum, Yum.   Fabric I’ve wanted but haven’t splurged on yet!

Close up of the stitchery.

Are you itching to join a swap yet?

Happy sewing ~ Amy