Last week I was in Austin, Texas for QuiltCon – the Modern Quilt Guild’s annual quilt show. Curated Quilts is a sponsor and had a booth as well, thankfully there was time to see most of the quilt show too! The quilts hanging at the show were gorgeous and MANY.

There was so much to take in as I walked through the quilts, I did notice three things time and again. 1) Curves, lots of pieced and appliquéd curves. 2) Hand-quilting mixed with machine quilting. 3) Upcycled materials creating unique art.

Enjoy this peek at the show!

Open Red Abstract by Roberta Sperandio

The Bold Curve #1 by Tamara Serrao

Tar and Cinders by Laura Loewen

Shutter Speed by Jo Avery

Berry Jam by Tia Curtis

Let’s Get Loud by Kathryn Upitis

Won 3rd place in the Improv category.

Waist Not by Eliu Hernandez

Collage No 4 by Sarah Hibbert

Building a Wendy House by Nicole Kaplan

Conversations with Diane by Juli Smith

All The Lights Couldn’t Put Out The Dark by Liz Harvatine

Won 3rd place in the Appliqué category.

Pick Up Sticks by Hillary Goodwin

Won 1st place in the Piecing category.

El Greco’s Alphabet by Leslie Tucker Jenison

Intertwined #5 by Serena Brooks

More is More by Laura Loewen

Won 1st place in the Applique category.

Starring You by Peter Byrne won Best in Show!

I hope these quilts leave you excited and inspired. If you’ve not been to a quilt show, I highly encourage you to go at your earliest opportunity –  QuiltCon 2021 will be in Atlanta, and QuiltCon 2022 will be in Phoenix. Look for the chance to connect with fellow quilters locally too! Being a part of my local guild made a big impact on me personally, and I always love the chance to be with those quilters.

In years past these quilts of mine have hung at QuiltCon:



Maasai Diamonds

Techno Flakes