Getting Started

When I challenged myself to make improv blocks/compositions for 100 days, I knew it would challenge my creativity. And I welcomed it! Along with the challenge it has also be a lot of fun.

Finding bits of fabric set aside on my cutting table or in my scrap bin, and putting them together with the black and white solids makes for a fun and interesting composition. And the black and white solids unify the blocks so that when I put them together into a quilt top later, it will be a nice cohesive piece.

You can see that some are small, and some are large. Rectangular, and somewhat squarish. For now I’m just making, not even worried about it laying flat. Later as I put them into a larger unit I will add or take away to each piece as needed. I’m also convinced that when quilting I will be able to make my not so flat pieces flat.

So far, I’m loving the project, and really excited to make a new piece each day! There’s lots to explore, and I’m looking forward the adventure.

Happy Quilting –