I was recently contacted by the nice people at accuquilt.  They wanted to see if I would like to use and review their Go! Cutter!  My immediate response was YES!  I’ve seen Jackie talk about her Studio Cutter the last year or so, and admired from afar, knowing that I would probably not be owning anything like it….Now I do!  :)

I’ve never used anything like this, at first I was a bit incredulous.  Really?  That will cut my fabric?  It’s just gray foam…

I went through my scraps, and pulled a bunch to cut. (I only got sidetracked for 30 minutes – organizing!)

 It’s SUPER simple to use, the gray foam goes up, then your fabric on top.

 The cutting mat goes on top, to sandwich everything together – then crank it through the roller.

On the other side you get your shapes – 

 These are half-square triangles with the dog ears cut off for you already.

and full width of fabric 2 1/2″ strips – just like a Jelly Roll, and perfect for bindings!

 After getting warmed up, I decided I wanted to really cut a quilt out!  I’ve really like the look of tumbler quilts, but never wanted to take the time to cut all those shapes.  With the go-cutter I can cut up to 6 layers of quilting fabrics – and they come out perfect, every time!  I pressed and folded my fabric, added the mat and ta-da–

 Less than a hour later a huge stack of tumblers, ready to go into a quilt top!  Did you read that?  Less than an hour!

 Aren’t they pretty!?  I had so much fun, and I was cutting fabric! – no worrying about the ruler slipping, or where my kids are in relation to the rotary cutter.

Really good experience with accuquilt so far!  I can’t wait to add to my collection of dies :)

Have you ever used a Go! Cutter?  Do you have a favorite die shape/size?  I’d love to hear your experience.

Thanks again to AccuQuilt for the opportunity to review your product!

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