Last fall I had the opportunity to do a couple of TV spots, which have made their way to your local PBS stations at last! My first trip was to Quilting Arts with two segments, and one hour of instruction to film (more on that next month!). I had a lot of fun, once I got over the nerves of it all! Thankfully they have a great team that works to get all the details sorted out before the cameras are turned on.

Quilting Arts TV 1500 -

If you aren’t already watching all the episodes, mine are 1502 where we talk about mitered corners, and 1511, which is all about pins! There are some simple placemats to practice the miters, and pincushions to keep track of all your pins, included in the episodes.

The cover above is a link to purchase the entire series on DVD, and catch an introduction to each of the episodes.

My second trip, was for an episode of Love of Quilting, with Mary Fons. I’ve been working with Mary the last couple of years writing for Quilty, and we just had fun working together! Again, they had a great team to work with, so nerves weren’t an issue at all! Love of Quilting -

The quilt above, Splendid Stars, is made mostly of scraps. I had/have a huge box of scraps of Modern Neutrals, and was excited to find a way to use them. The box is still full, but I have a beautiful quilt too! Splendid Stars is in the March/April issue of  Love of Quilting, and you can see us make it in episode 2503. The magazine is on newsstands this week, so keep your eye out for it!

Hope you are having a great week –