I turned in my book on Friday, feeling happy and excited about all the work. Yay! After spending most of the last month at home, working,  I requested dinner and a movie out with the family, so we headed out to see Frozen and had a nice dinner in Park City, together. We had a really fun night out, and the kids all enjoyed the movie.

A couple of weeks ago, I had gone through my stash, and pulled a lot of fabrics to sort into color groups, so I decided to tackle that much later in the evening.  While I found it very relaxing, my husband looked at me incredulously, asking, “What, did you forget how to relax?”  There might be a tiny bit of truth in his question, but I had fun anyway, and the piles are so pretty when sorted out!  My blue stack is much larger than the rest…


Last night I decided to get a little serious and work on my #APQQuiltalong quilt, which has been waiting in the corner for me. I’m happy to report that I cut and sorted all the pieces for my blocks!

#apqquiltalong - AmysCreativeSide.com

I organized all my pieces and look forward to a major piecing session tomorrow while the house is empty. It been a while since I’ve done any piecing, and I do love it!

What are you up to this week?

More soon,