This is the big girl pouch made in the same manner, as the bitty pouch Emmalie and I made yesterday.  I’m participating in the Pretty {Little} Pouch Swap on flickr, and really loving all the pouches that are popping up in the group!  I made this one with my partner in mind, and I’m really hoping that she loves it.

Pretty little pouch front

 I had a lot of fun putting it together and adding the details by hand.  I spent an evening working on both sides of the pouch, this is the front, and the back is below.

Pretty little pouch back

Now I just need to find a few goodies to add to it!  I gave it a little gusset so that it stands up, and so that there’s more room for pretty things inside!

A few specs:

Fabric – Crossweaves, and Chocolate Lollipop

Zipper – 10″ brown (purchased here)

with Fusible Fleece interfacing.

I’m off to find something else to put a zipper in!  not really though – haha