I took this –

and made it this –
So fun! I love Dresden plate ruler/template thingy! Takes all the mystery out of them :) If you look back at this post I have more information about it, and the pattern I used for the pincushion.

ETA: the link to the pattern is here! I didn’t realize it was hiding :)

My Wonderland fabric just keeps on giving! I promise I didn’t buy that much – just love using up all the little bits :)

This is what Emmalie was working on while I sewed – “I’m organizing for you!” she tells me. I understand where the anal/perfectionist comes from, aahhmm, I just hope she outgrows some of it before it keeps her from enjoying anything less than perfect. Such a sweetie, and all the while soaking up the sewing for the day :)

I hope you are having a great day! Just in case you haven’t seen this —

Go see Dana and you could be the big winner! But first you have to make a quilt :)

Gotta run!
Blessings to you~