I’ve been working on a simple project, and finished the top up last night. I love that this is another project straight from my sketchbook – I also love the Wonderland fabrics! So fun and bright :)

Current Project -- Back to Basics

I need to get some batting for it, hopefully today, and I think the quilting will really make this quilt. I am developing my personal philosophy of quilting — Quilts do not to be a complicated pattern to be a beautiful and well loved quilt. I do love lots of complicated patterns, like this, but realize that I would rather be able to finish it than work on it for a year :)

Current Project -- Back to Basics

What sort of quilts are your favorite? I have been exposed to so many beauties with our recent festival – truly awed by what some of you are able to accomplish . . . maybe when I don’t have so many little people around :)

Ooh – and did you see the swap over here??? I’ve got enough on my plate for now but I know some of you are very interested in swapping :) Sign-ups are open until May 4th!

Have a great weekend –