I stalled out on this quilt around the holidays, but I am so excited to have gotten the top completed!The body of the quilt is all scraps from this win, and I purchased the cream with a little brown flecking for the corners. I wanted something to tie it together but not quite solid, and not too feminine in case it ends up on our bed. I don’t have a destination for this one, it is a quilt from my sketch pad that needed to be reality. I may add borders, but I have to think on it.
All the blocks are different, there’s something new everywhere you look! There were a few fabrics that I only have one strip of in the top – like that little owl print below :)

***Today is Emmalie’s 5th Birthday! I’m off to the kitchen to bake and make the requested Alfredo dinner. It has been snowing since yesterday, thankfully it warmed up in the process, 20 is much better than 0 or negative numbers :) And Owen is painfully close to three new incisor teeth – I miss my sleep. . . this week seems to be full of transition with Ella back at school, and Joe around the house more, back to the routine with a few twists! Hope you are well today ~ Amy