20 09, 2011

New Sewing Machine!

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Hi there!  Yesterday I made a big loop around the mountains, collecting boxes of goodies from supporters of the Sewing Summit, and depositing most of those boxes with Erin, since she has a bit more space (or used to!) to store a *few* boxes.  This is one of the boxes, that stayed with me: From [...]

7 09, 2011

Personal Market Research :: Irons

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I know that irons can be a bit of a hot button topic among sewists.  Everyone seems to have their favorite - I don't. When Joe and I were first married, I had a Rowenta iron, which clunked out early on due to a power malfunction.  Joe fixed it, then it started leaving rust marks on [...]

4 05, 2011

More Preparations for Quilt Market

By | 2018-02-05T17:07:04+00:00 May 4th, 2011|Modern Basics, sewing|13 Comments

In preparing for my first Market experience, and promoting Modern Basics, I've got a few things to get together this week! Monday afternoon I picked up my quilts that had been hanging at Seasons of Home last month.  Then yesterday I added all the labels and sewed two sleeves, for the quilt that will be [...]

31 08, 2010

Question for Quilters/Sewists

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Hi friends!  I was working on a different project yesterday, and realized that some of my favorite posts are the ones that I asked a question, and you answered!  So I decided it's time for another question. As a quilter or sewist, is there something that you would like to better learn, or gain confidence [...]

1 07, 2010

Couch Pillows – a la Amy

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Amy Butler that is!  I have had scraps from my roman shade project waiting for pillows, just no pillow forms.  So I waited.  The kids and I ran an errand for Joe first thing this morning and when finished went to Wal-mart since we were already out - I don't go often. I found 2 [...]

24 06, 2010

The Finer Things

By | 2017-09-19T12:33:21+00:00 June 24th, 2010|sewing|31 Comments

A couple months back, I decided to try some new thread and the recommended needles.  I had been having trouble with tension in my machine and the obvious lint build up was part of the problem.  I spent a little bit more than I usually do, but I believe the payoff is huge!  My machine [...]

13 05, 2010

Madison Bag & a Big Birthday

By | 2017-02-06T09:18:54+00:00 May 13th, 2010|Celebrations, sewing|16 Comments

It's been such a full week!  Thanks so much for your response to my first pattern, and the Blogger's Quilt Festival! In the mean time, I finished my Madison Bag for myself - and almost forgot to show you.I love the finished product!  Getting there, was a little sketchy, but the size and shape are [...]

4 05, 2010

Roman Shade Recap

By | 2017-02-06T09:18:55+00:00 May 4th, 2010|sewing, Tutorial|3 Comments

I had a couple of requests for a roman shade tutorial - I'm flattered, but not planning another window treatment anytime soon!  I thought I would instead retrace my steps, of videos and tutorials that I found in my own quest to understand roman shades.There are lots more videos and information about roman shades on [...]

30 04, 2010

Roman Shades Complete

By | 2017-02-06T09:18:55+00:00 April 30th, 2010|finished project, sewing|46 Comments

Checking this project off my list feels SO good!   Our lamp is still trying to find the right home, since rearranging everything.  We did have a table lamp, but, one little boy accidentally trashed the shade....upFabrics are Amy Butler, the home decor fabrics have such a nice feel to them.  Slightly more $$ but worth [...]

29 04, 2010

Coming Together

By | 2010-07-27T14:29:43+00:00 April 29th, 2010|Bloggers Quilt Festival, sewing|8 Comments

Hi there!  I've got Blogger's Quilt Festival on the brain - taking my time to work out all the details with sponsors. It's going to be great!!  If you are a shop and interested in being a sponsor, send a quick email to me with a link and I will get the details to you [...]

27 04, 2010

Roman Shades & a Winner!

By | 2017-02-06T09:18:55+00:00 April 27th, 2010|give away, sewing|17 Comments

This roman shade project has been on my list since we painted the living room in January!  I purchased fabric in February, and finally collected all the bits and pieces needed to make it.  I had to let my ideas fully form, before I was ready to cut (some may call this procrastination!), but I [...]

8 04, 2010

Pins Recapped

By | 2017-02-06T09:18:57+00:00 April 8th, 2010|sewing|12 Comments

I have to say thanks to all of you that shared about your pins!  I'm always thankful to be a part of this community - and to call you all friends :)  I went through the comments and made tally marks for the different pins mentioned, Clover's Flower Head Pins  were the most mentioned by far, [...]