My kids all want to learn to sew, and so we are on a sewing adventure, and they hope to end up with new quilts handmade at their own hands!  Join us as we sew through the summer each week!  Sewing with Kids — week 1week 2, week 3, and week 4.

This week we made a simple pillowcase, which could be altered slightly to use for laundry collection.  Sophia was the only one willing to start the project with me, but now they all want their own – of course!  So we will be sewing pillowcases the rest of the afternoon.  I learned this method at guild last year when we made pillowcases for a women’s shelter, they are quick and simple!

Start with 2 yards of fabric, and cut a 9″ strip off of both, to make 2 standard size pillow cases.

Sophia’s selections for her pillowcase.  9″ x 44″ in the solid, and 27″ x 44″ in the print.  Now we laid it out to pin our pieces.

The band (solid) fabric goes on the bottom, add a few pins to keep things in place.

Then gently roll the larger piece, to pin the band over it.  This will hide all of the seaming around the band.

Line up the edges, with the third piece of fabric now, and pin the layers in place.  We just removed the ones we had in there, and put them back in the layers.

Time to sew!  Add a 1/2″ seam down the length of your tube.  Since I wasn’t using the 1/4″ foot I had her line up the edge of the fabric, with the foot, and moved the needle over to adjust the seam allowance.  I think that is easier than expecting her to keep it lined up with one of the marks on the footplate.

Turn the tube right side out, by removing the main fabric from the tube.  The press your seam flat.

See all the seaming is hidden in the band!  Now I trimmed it down before pinning…most would suggest doing this before you even start.  I leave that up to your discretion!  Pin the edges together on the two unfinished sides. And it’s time to sew again!

Sophia sewed the 1/2″ straight seam, then I went back and added the zig-zag to finish the seams.  One could also do french seams, and hide the seaming again.  I might do that for a pillowcase for myself, but not with the kids – at least not yet.  Turn it right side out, and press flat.

There’s a little bit of magic in her eyes as she watches it actually become something more than a piece of fabric – she get’s it!

Happily put straight to good use!  If I was planning to use this as a laundry bag, I would add 1″ or 1 1/2″ buttonholes to the band fabric so that I could add a drawstring.

Let me know if you make these with your kids!  I’m off to make a few more with the rest of them.