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So you can make the quilt you want to!

You love to piece quilts, right?
Let's make the math less of a headache!

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  • Do you avoid quilt math at all costs?
  • Are you a quilter with a collection of patterns, that don’t fit the quilt you want to make?
  • Maybe you love quilt math, but wish it could be a bit easier?
  • Do you want to design your own patterns, but have trouble getting the math right?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, my Quilt Planner & Worksheets can help you!

This tool makes quilt math accessible to quilters, allowing you to explore your creativity without the headache of the biggest math story problem ever!

  • Full instructions for using the worksheets included.
  • Piece by piece we look at what it takes to make your project.
  • Determine yardage one piece at a time.
  • Cutting instructions are made at the same time.
  • Common Bias Math
  • Resizing a Block
  • Graph Paper
  • All in a PDF that you can print as needed!
Quilt Planner & Worksheets by Amy Ellis



Over the last decade, I’ve written five books, a pile of patterns for magazines, collaboration books, patterns, and tutorials. I’ve always enjoyed math, but it wasn’t until I developed a system that I really had fun doing quilt math. In the past I’ve had pieces of scratch paper with math all over them, it worked but it wasn’t always pretty!


A Guide to Writing Your First Quilt Pattern

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A Guide to Writing Your First Quilt Pattern by Amy Ellis

This “tool” is amazing for staying organized and determining what to cut from that large piece of material that a quilter brings to life. With this planner, I don’t get lost mid-way through trying to calculate dimensions vs. quantity,(usually on 5 separate pieces of scrap paper) -“measure twice – cut once”. AND I have the notes to file with the patter. Kudos Amy!!


Quilt Planner & Worksheets by Amy Ellis
  • Quilt Planner & Worksheets ($25 value)
  • BONUS: A Guide to Writing Your First Pattern ($20 value)

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