15 03, 2013

What Makes a Quilt Timeless?

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The often discussed topic of modern quilts and the variations of this very traditional art form, quilting, got me thinking about my quilts in 50 and 60 years.  What will I think of them? Will they stand the test of time, aesthetically?  It also reminded me to hurry and label the few that I haven't so [...]

11 03, 2013

Catching Up & a Question –

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Hi there! I was amazed to fly into Seattle last week, to clear skies!   My parents and sister met me at the airport and we made the most of the day in Seattle. We visited Quiltworks, then headed toward the water. (The question is later in the post - read on) The Seattle/Bainbridge Ferry, [...]

27 06, 2008

What Have You Been Up To?

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Really I would like to know! =) I keep thinking about projects I would like to start but have gotten little accomplished - hmmm. I'm working on it.I did just empty our van of trash and laundry! It is amazing how much accumulates in a short time. It hasn't been around the house much for [...]

18 04, 2008


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Hi again! I have been working all week to get cleaned up around here. =) My parents are coming next week to visit from the Seattle area - it has been almost a year since we've seen them. Nothing like company to get me motivated to really clean up. Since my Tuesday post I have [...]

13 04, 2008

A Full Week!

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Well this week started with lots of snow but has ended very nicely. Yesterday and today have been warm (mid-50's) and we'll take it! However, I won't be able to plant a garden until Father's Day - too many temperature fluctuations here at altitude. So with Spring Break, Ella and I, with Olivia and her [...]

19 03, 2008

More Inspiration

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I have been to the library to borrow more books for more inspiration - I love the library! I took my girls 7.5, 4, 2.5 with me - they love books too. We looked through the aisle of books and the youngest picked out all the pink bindings that she found. While the older two [...]