16 11, 2011


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I'm looking over my shoulder for her too! She's not here and I have the stack of dirty dishes, and laundry to prove it! Let's be completely honest, there's no such thing as a supermom -- myself included. With everything that I've done over the last year, my family has been my first priority, but [...]

22 05, 2011


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Today is my birthday!  I made myself finish up a good chunk of Quilt Festival responsibilities yesterday, so that I could have the day off from the computer today, and I'm so glad!  I've had a great day, celebrating with the family! Over the last few years that I've been blogging I've often felt that I'm on [...]

9 05, 2010

Being a Mom

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To all the moms and hopeful moms who come to this space -Being a mom is the most rewarding and challenging title ever!  The days are full and full of everyone's needs - and yet I would not trade where I am right now, for anything.  There's something about the spontaneous big hugs, and thoughtfully [...]

28 04, 2010

Little Things

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It's the little things that make me happy most days.  Like the five minutes that all four kids get along each day, or a empty kitchen sink (it's not right now). Or the little tulips gathered from the yard.And inspiration for, yet another quilt.I just love the colors in this couples photographs!  They have a [...]

12 04, 2010

Bits and Pieces & A Winner!

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I'm feeling a bit scattered!  I have lots of things that NEED to get done and a few that I really want to get done - isn't that how it usually goes?  I had a couple of hours to myself Friday evening and decided to cut into some fabric for this bag -The fabrics are [...]

23 03, 2010

On My Mind

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Hi there!  I've been so glad to hear from so many of you, making the move with me easily here :)  I love to know that this space is part of your morning/daily routines, and thanks for the profile pic love!  I had my hair cut and colored by a professional.  A nice treat and [...]

4 02, 2010

More About Me

By |2017-11-17T09:14:40-06:00February 4th, 2010|dreams, Me|76 Comments

 I have a question for you, but first, I thought I would tell you a little more about me.Life of a stay-at-home mom (sahm) is not all bon-bons and manicures is it!?  Prior to our move to Utah 7 years ago, I was working full time in a Financial Aid Office at a private university [...]

1 01, 2010

Goals for 2010 + Big News!

By |2017-11-17T09:14:35-06:00January 1st, 2010|Me|90 Comments

Looking back at the last year, I'm thankful for this blog, and the relationships I've made here, if it weren't for all of you blogging wouldn't be as much fun!  I did manage to do a few things on my list from last year, and the other items remain goals. I'm ok with that!  Thinking [...]

15 12, 2009

Monday’s Highlights

By |2017-11-17T09:14:34-06:00December 15th, 2009|Me, My kids|20 Comments

Sophia, Owen, Emmalie, and GabriellaOf course my snow bunnies are big part of my highlight! And of course the reason for my constant running to and fro. The day started with a student council meeting for Ella, a half-hour before school starts, then a coffee for me. We stayed in the car and dropped Emmalie [...]

11 12, 2009

4 Ways to Stay Warm This Winter!

By |2017-11-17T09:14:33-06:00December 11th, 2009|Me, My kids, random|28 Comments

We have had a week of frigid temperatures, I'm not complaining really, but I have to stay warm! So here's a fun post for you --1 - Wear your warmest down jacket, over your second warmest down jacket, with a scarf from mom too.When we first moved here from Southern California, I needed the biggest [...]

8 12, 2009

Do It Now

By |2017-11-17T09:14:33-06:00December 8th, 2009|Me|30 Comments

It's assumable that I repeat this phrase to my kids daily (I do), but I also find myself telling me - Do it now!This is true of the 2 baskets of laundry waiting to be folded, the 2 hampers full waiting to be washed, the dishwasher that needs to clean more dirty dishes, and the [...]

13 11, 2009


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I must say - your response to yesterday's post has been amazing! Thank you for all your answers and questions, and being so encouraging. I will take my turn after I show you this --I finished this one off in a mini quilt - it measures 8" square. I love it! I decided my larger [...]