17 03, 2014

Six Years & 1400 Posts Later. . .

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It's time for a giveaway! (this really is my 1400th post!) Honestly, I'm so thankful for the community, friends, encouragement, and inspiration that I've found online - had I not started blogging six years ago, I'm not sure what I would be up to right now!  I love being creative and sharing my love of [...]

29 01, 2014

Please excuse my absence. . .

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I've come down with a cold, and there's no one to blame but myself! I'm finally starting to feel like myself again, but have zero energy. Instead I've caught up on some email, and sat on the couch with a pretty pile of fabric. I have a pillow for my Pillow Collective tutorial, all planned [...]

1 01, 2014

2013 Recap

By |2017-02-06T09:18:04-06:00January 1st, 2014|Me|1 Comment

A quick look back at 2013 and the quilts that I shared here. I know there are more little things that I worked on and magazine quilts that I didn't take good pictures of but this is the majority of my 2013 work! Releasing Modern Basics II and Modern Neutrals within months of each other [...]

19 02, 2013

Catch up!

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Hey there!  I've been sewing for a couple of deadlines for next month over the weekend, so I can't share everything, but I can share the pretty fabrics I'm working with - Aren't those micro flowers so sweet!  This is Boho by Urban Chicks, due to ship in April. ------ **I've also been sorting out [...]

28 01, 2013

Here I am!

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I've missed this space and all of you in the last week! While technically I was home, here, around the house everyday, a large portion of it has been spent working at Sundance.  Every year, the Sundance Film Festival is huge here where we live, and I usually avoid the crowded areas, to maintain normal [...]

23 01, 2012

Sweet Moments

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All last week I was wanting and really needing to bake chocolate chip cookies for my family. I finally found the kitchen to myself, and took an hour to bake them! Baking these was my cookie break on saturday, from quilt math and a little pattern writing. It was a good break! I thought I [...]

2 01, 2012

A Look Back at 2011

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Happy New Year!  I hope you all had fun celebrating the new year!  As parents of four kids, we spent the evening in, and just relaxed as a family...perfect!  I can hardly believe that 2011 has come and gone, and what a year it's been! Along with the sewing shown below, 2011 had a LOT [...]

16 11, 2011


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I'm looking over my shoulder for her too! She's not here and I have the stack of dirty dishes, and laundry to prove it! Let's be completely honest, there's no such thing as a supermom -- myself included. With everything that I've done over the last year, my family has been my first priority, but [...]

22 05, 2011


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Today is my birthday!  I made myself finish up a good chunk of Quilt Festival responsibilities yesterday, so that I could have the day off from the computer today, and I'm so glad!  I've had a great day, celebrating with the family! Over the last few years that I've been blogging I've often felt that I'm on [...]

9 05, 2010

Being a Mom

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To all the moms and hopeful moms who come to this space -Being a mom is the most rewarding and challenging title ever!  The days are full and full of everyone's needs - and yet I would not trade where I am right now, for anything.  There's something about the spontaneous big hugs, and thoughtfully [...]