25 08, 2011

Links for You & First Day of School!

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We made it to the first day of school, and everyone was on time!  Yay!  It always feels like a big accomplishment the first few days of school.  To simplify the process, everyone was excited, so they popped out of bed and rushed downstairs to begin the day.  It's so hard (as mom) to realize [...]

20 07, 2011

Sending You…

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To visit me in a couple different places online today! After working on a partnership for the Sewing Summit, I'm so excited to be able to share this exciting news with all of you!  And yes, the Sewing Summit is a big reason why I've had trouble getting to my sewing machine lately.  So many [...]

22 06, 2011

Quilt Day Trippin’

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A couple weeks ago Pat asked if I would join her in a simple blog hop, um ya!  Of course I'm in.  I had the pleasure of meeting Pat at Market last month, and she is so much fun and sweet too!  If you haven't listened to her Monday radio show - you should - [...]

3 06, 2011

News and Links – for you!

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I have a few things to share with you today. First, I contributed to a collaborative book - Modern Blocks! I submitted 2 blocks, and they were both included.  This book will be available via Stash books this fall, and I'm looking forward to the advance copy coming later this summer! ------ Next, while at Market, I [...]

10 07, 2009

Quilting Interview

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I answered a few questions for Jen @ Rosey Little Things recently. She has posted the interview, go check it out! Maybe you had some of the same questions :)Thanks Jen!!----------------------------------------Subscribe to parkcitygirl