19 05, 2010

Home Machine Quilt Show

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I feel like I've had so much to write about here!  A week and a half ago, I went down to the HMQS event in Salt Lake, and now I'm finally getting to share some pictures with you. by Diane Johnston Quilted by Cory Allender Upon first impression this quilt looked like machine embroidery.  It's all [...]

15 05, 2009

Quilts Quilt

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Remember this?I just found the designer Lori Holt, her blog is over here, and I found the pattern available in an etsy shop!!I know someone asked, at least one, but post here is quicker right now than sorting through the email. I will get back to my regular habits soon :)Happy Quilting !Amy

14 05, 2009

Hmqs Experience

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First - my parents have made it here safely and we are having a great visit! Mom loves her Bible cover too :) Ella's birthday yesterday was a whirlwind of activity, with birthday shopping and cake baking - she's such a blessing to us!The most asked about quilt in the comments was "A Mother's Love" [...]

9 05, 2009

Home Machine Quilting Show

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What a day!! Ella had her last soccer game this morning, she won! The sunshine was great and the little ones did a great job of cheering Ella on :) She got her first goal today even!After Joe was done working and we met up at the house, I grabbed the camera and took off [...]