The Waterfall Quilt-Along starts this week! I’m excited to sew along with you over the next 12 weeks. Yes! We will be sewing on this project through the holidays. Instead of thinking of it as one more pressure, think of it as your self-care. Time to reflect and enjoy a little time for yourself.

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Waterfall Quilt – Week 1

We need to select fabrics! For this quilt, the best way is selecting fabrics in person. If that’s not an option, a good way is to fill up your online cart and keep a few extras that feel right in the group. In my case, I have a couple of color cards that I can work with to find the best combinations.

Prints work too, but I do love the crisp feel of the solids in this pattern. Do what works best for you. Lay out the pieces that you love, and make sure they work well with each other.

Fabric selection with Amy Ellis -

When shopping online, or in a store, pull a lot of options. Lay them out together to get a feel of the movement between fabrics. I love the color wall at  it’s not exhaustive, but a great place to start. Once you’ve selected a fabric that you like, more fabric in similar tones will be recommended too.

I Love Fabric color wall

The true test comes when you have all your Waterfall fabrics together in front of you. Do they blend easily? Are there any odd-ball colors? Trust your quilt designer eye as you look over the fabrics, change the light that you look at them in too. Go to a window, or outside for natural light.

I can’t wait to see which color palette you select to work with for Waterfall!

Look for mine on instagram this week – I’m still shopping!