I made and patterned Tribute for Curated Quilts, in the spring. Yes, I’m a little behind in posting my finished quilts! My Tribute quilt is included in the Minimalistic issue. I think it fits!

Tribute by Amy Ellis for CuratedQuilts.com

The artist Tribute is in tribute to is Josef Albers. I’ve admired his minimalistic style for a long while, and was excited to have a reason to pattern a quilt in his honor.

For the quilt sample I made it in a small size, (36″ x 36″) but also included two larger sizes in the pattern. It’s such a simple quilt to scale, and this way the maker can make the desired quilt, without math!

My favorite part about Tribute is the quilting. I quilted the quilt with 1/4″ matchstick quilting, and love the texture. I think the quilting was made even better with a facing. Adding a facing gives the illusion of the quilting just falling off the edge of the quilt.

There’s also an entire article about adding facings to your quilts in the same issue. This was my first quilt facing, but definitely not my last! Have you added a facing to your quilts yet? 

You can learn more about Curated Quilts and the Minimalistic Issue here.

Happy Quilting –