How’s your Comfort Quilt coming along? I’m still behind, but it’s not going to beat me! My kids finished school last week, and we’ve had a bunch of extra fun happening too. I will catch up with all of you!

Week six Check in:

My progress this week - The Comfort Quilt QAL

Again, I’m not going to let it upset me. Just need to work a little harder this week to make time for me and my sewing machine to hang out! With school out and a new routine for everyone it should be manageable. Fingers crossed!

Week seven

I know that this time of year is hard for a lot of us to sew! Even if you aren’t on track with the schedule (like me!) I hope that you are still enjoying seeing the blocks pop up online, and the variety of project being made.

  • Make the listed number of large and small blocks on your schedule, to finish block construction!
  • Post your finished blocks, use #ComfortQuiltQAL to share with the group.
  • Show us your stacks of finished blocks, or of the rows if you are moving forward!

Be sure to use the #ComfortQuiltQAL hashtag on all your posts so that everyone can find you. It’s a fun way to interact as we sew!

Have questions about the quilt-along? I’d love to help! Leave a note in the comments and I’ll answer there so everyone can benefit.

Happy Quilting –




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Week 1 – Color Selection Video

Week 2 – Bulk Cutting Video

Week 3

Week 4 

Week 5

Week 6

Here’s some of the fun happening on Instagram: