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There are lots of ways to design quilts, in fact my entire first book was all designed on graph paper! After turning in Modern Basics I learned about EQ7.  At the time EQ7 had recently been released, and exactly what I needed. Since then, EQ7 and I have been through A LOT together! Four more books, patterns for my fabric lines, collaboration books and magazine submissions too. There are so many quilts in my EQ files, and many more yet to be made!


I learned about EQ8 earlier this year, and have really enjoyed designing in the new interface. There’s a lot that is the same, but the layout of the entire program feels a lot more user friendly.

Being an EQ7 user for many years, one of my first concerns was opening my EQ7 files in the new program – Thankfully it was so easy! I was able to open and re-save as an EQ8 file in a few quick steps, which keeps my work flow really simple. And will help me to weed out the files that I no longer need on a regular basis.

Another concern was the stability of the Mac version. EQ7 and I went from Windows, to a Mac with parallels, to the Mac version – which worked ok most of the time. EQ8 for the Mac is fully functional, with keystrokes and no spontaneous shut downs. That right there makes the update a winner!

Visit Electric Quilt for more upgrade/software details, or ask for EQ8 at your local quilt shop! I use EQ8 daily and would be lost without it!

EQ8 Classes with me at Quiltcon

I’m really excited to be teaching at Quiltcon in February! We just released two classes, that will each be taught twice : EQ8 for Beginners, and EQ8: Designing Quilts in the Custom Layout.

The beginners class is great for anyone that is new to the software, or has had a hard time getting the hang of EQ and looking for a little more help. I love seeing the light bulb moments when walking students through the different aspects of EQ, and look forward to helping the emerging designer find their own path.

Designing in the custom layout class is for the experienced EQ user that wants to explore more options in their quilts.  It took me a while to even look at that “custom” area in EQ, but once I did, there was no turning back! The custom layout is for the user that would like to customize their quilt layouts to fit their modern vision.  In class we will use and demonstrate all the tools that come with the custom area.

You can learn more about my classes and add them to your Quiltcon schedule HERE before they fill up!

Do you EQ? I’d love to know your experience!

I hope you are having a great day –


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