Hi there! Mellow Grids is a quilt I finished in the late spring for my new venture; Curated Quilts. Over the winter months I took on quilting for others, and then found myself going through a lot of batting. As I was loading a quilt one day, I decided to save the batting paper instead of tossing it; certain that I could re-use it in a creative way.

Mellow Grids by Amy Ellis for Curated Quilts Issue #1

After collecting the batting paper for a week, Mellow Grids was initially envisioned! Working in EQ7, I custom set rows of piecing with solid patches in groups that I could easily piece together. This quilt was so FUN to piece! I measured the length of batting paper to fit my design. Then labeled each piece so that I would know where to place them later in the quilt top.

I cut random widths of fabric, without a ruler, and improvised my way down each strip. Trimming as I went, I simply played with the fabric and seams until I was happy with the results. Really, really fun!


As it came time to quilt Mellow Grids, I decided that only custom quilting would do. I improvised lines over the top of the piecing, and added 1/4″ quilting lines in the grey areas. The quilting came out so great, and was definitely worth the time I spent quilting it! It’s so full of texture!

Mellow Grids by Amy Ellis for Curated Quilts Issue #1

We had professional photos taken for Curated Quilts, and I really love how this shot turned out! The quilting shows up even from a distance, and the color is spot on.

Mellow Grids is made with Essex Linen from Robert Kaufman, I ordered as many of the grey and blue fabrics that I could find. I can’t wait to see someone else make Mellow Grids, and put their unique spin on it!

Curated Quilts is about to start shipping, you can learn more about the first issue here.

Happy Quilting –



Photos by Brian Smith of BPD Studios

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