Have you started on your holiday gift list yet? As usual I have aspirations of making a pile of quilts to give, but rarely have the luxury of making them. However, I hope that I can inspire you with this collection of fun quilt patterns. These are the quilts I’d love to make, they are perfect for using up your pre-cut stash, and can be made to suit anyone (big or small) on your list!

crossroads_pattern_cover lazysundaycover 313010e065225e0d12d0043ada6a08bf Wishing Well - Charm Pack Baby Quilt Pattern by Amy Ellis #showmethemoda - AmysCreativeSide.com1dfa44d9be9d798b1453536570487224 a3581e2fcd23b8657840850a6ec080d8 jigsawcover cakewalk_cover_web chain_link-front-download-72screen-shot-2016-10-18-at-5-00-51-pmtango_cover_1024x1024pat_sloan_stitched_pattern_cover_only

Links to check out each of these patterns:

Crossroads  Lazy Sunday Quilt  Puzzled  Wishing Well  Jelly Bellies For You  June Bug  Jigsaw  Cakewalk  Chain Links  Soiree  Tango  Stitched

A couple of these patterns are my own that I want to make again, but mostly they are by friends and people in the quilting industry that I admire and always produce great patterns. I’d love to see what you make, drop a link in the comments or tag me on Instagram.

Happy Quilting – Amy


Easy Quilts to Make & Give