How much do you love half-square triangle trimming?

I usually find it to be necessary and chalk it up to part of the process, but there’s no reason we can’t be smarter in how we work!

Half Square Triangle Quick Trimming Tip -

I prefer to make the units slightly larger and trim to size, that way I know that they are perfect. And not because I have to make things perfect. Perfect pieces make sewing multiple units together so much easier, so I go through all the motions even when sewing on a deadline project!

Half Square Triangle Quick Trimming Tip -

This half-square triangle trimming tip is best applied when you are using a high-quality thread that doesn’t take up a ton of space in the seam allowance. My current fave is Aurifil 50wt. Line up the ruler on the seam as shown, and trim two sides before pressing open.

Since I had so many to trim, I put a line of tape on the ruler so I didn’t have to find the mark every time. If you are just making a few, find the unfinished size of your unit, and line up the ruler. These were trimmed to 3 1/2″

Want a closer look? Check out my video tutorial all about the Half-Square Triangle:


Before you know it you’ll have a pile of trimmings like this:

Half Square Triangle Quick Trimming Tip -
Happy trimming & quilting!

PS – So many patterns use this method, it’s a great technique to learn!